weekly classes


Weekly classes are offered in short cycles of six or seven classes.  Several time slots are available: during the day, evenings, and Saturdays. Each class is 2.5 hours in length.

As spots become available, you can register throughout the year, at the start of any cycle. You can find the date of the next cycle as well as the opening date of registration on the calendar page on this site. If you enjoy classes, you will of course have the opportunity to continue into the next cycle in your usual time slot.

Class size is limited to 5 students, each participant being assigned their own wheel for the duration of the Quarter.

You'll be working in a cordial, relaxed atmosphere. Small groups mean personalized instruction : you'll acquire the technical basics rapidly, then move on to finding your own style of personal expression.

Structured progress and creative freedom. 
I demonstrate hand positions very clearly, breaking down the different steps in throwing a pot. Together, we analyze the forms you'll be throwing so you understand exactly how to go about achieving the desired pot. Over the years, I've devised a method of effective and progressive exercises which also allows time for your personal projects.


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