studio atmosphere

 Studio atmosphere



The velvety touch of clay on the potter's wheel is a powerful magnet and, from my perspective, the most delightful aspect of giving classes is the chance to share my enjoyment with all sorts of people, from all walks of life.

My fluent English means I can welcome students from different horizons. This cultural melting pot is a real advantage: each country has its own ceramic history and traditional style which inevitably influence personal tastes, and it's inspiring to have a richer canvas to work from.

I have fine-tuned my method over the years, and this professionalism attracts people from all over, particularly during my intensive workshops. Students come from all parts of France, as well as Madrid, London, Canada and even Qatar!

I always work with small groups of no more than 5, so that I can remain attentive and available for each student. With a bit of impetus, groups have an inherent dynamism that can nurture creativity. I would describe the atmosphere at the studio as "warm and industrious".

It's important to note that my place is not a pottery "school". It's a real potter's studio, and the teacher is a professional who also has her own personal creations, and exhibits in galleries and shows.

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Registered with the Parisian crafts guild since 2001.