special themes

Thematic classes are organized periodically, opening new horizons for you.

Throw other types of clay :

  • Black & White. Throwing two combined colors of earthenware will give you a striking swirled effect inside and out. (This is not mere surface decoration). In order to succeed, you need to center and pull up the clay efficiently : otherwise, the colored strata will become a monochromatic blend.
  • Porcelain. Soft and extremely sensitive to the potter's touch, porcelain can also be unforgiving. Learn precise gestures for throwing, and also advanced techniques for optimal trimming. High-temperature glazes.

Please note : these modules are reserved for experienced throwers who have the required level. Participation subject to my approval.

 Introduction to color :

In the Creating Color workshop, you'll learn all about colored slip : how to obtain the colors you want and how
to decorate with them. Having learned how to use colored oxides, you'll be all set to continue experimentation on your own: why not use them to tint balls of clay? or to create your own palette of glazes from a basic white?