October 19, 2020



All work and no play??? NO WAY!

Throwing classes continue. Earlier evening classes to respect the curfew. Daytime sessions on weekdays and weekends.

Feeling locked down? Join us, and unleash your creativity.

Next cycle starts mid-November. Registration opens November 2nd.










































May 25, 2020

In all peace of mind


To celebrate the reopening of the studio, several of my most passionate students took time out of their holiday weekend to discover the marvelous Xing Clay (distributed by Solargil).

This clay has a grittier feel to it, compared to the velvety white earthenware they usually throw. It fires to a higher temperature, which gives it a deep reddish-brown hue, with hints of purple.

Participants were inspired to create pots with a more rough-hewn esthetic which corresponds to this type of clay. Flower pot, watering pot, bird house, a plump cauldron-- they came up with some great ideas! My desperately empty shelves filled up in no time.

I've always limited my classes to five participants so that I can offer personalized programs that enable people to progress at their own speed. Working in small groups also turned out to be a real advantage as far as being able to implement sanitary measures that allowed me to secure the environment. I've spaced out the wheels so people are now over a meter apart. I've put out gel for hands upon arrival, of course, and also a spray to disinfect the contact points on the wheel. Everyone must wear a mask at all times during class.

In spite of these measures, my students' enthusiasm and the friendly atmosphere at the studio are intact.

So you can join us this summer in all peace of mind. Several five-day intensive workshops have been scheduled in July - August- September. Registration opens NOW!



































March 17, 2020




Upon order of the French government, the pottery studio is currently closed. All pottery classes have been cancelled until further notice.

I worked hard on Monday, March 16, before the stringent lockdown, to salvage pots that were waiting to be trimmed. You can view these "works in progress" as well as some finished pots that recently came out of the kiln here.

This period of forced isolation is particularly difficult for me, as I consider ceramics a context for working with PEOPLE, rather than just an activity for making objects. The support of my students has been astounding. Several of them told me they would have prefered being confined to the studio, rather than "go around in circles" at home. And it's unanimous : they all want to return to the studio as soon as possible!

Once we have overcome the numerous difficulties we all must face over the upcoming weeks, I look forward to reopening the studio. After all : forms and colors are essential, too.

In the meantime, keep well.



















July 6, 2019


Get your foot in the door...


Brand new! Starting Fall 2019, I'll be offering my weekly classes in shorter cycles of 6 or 7 classes. Thanks to this more flexible agenda, I'll be able to register new students more often over the course of the year.

If you've been attracted to the idea of working with clay on the wheel, these concentrated modules entailing a shorter commitment should finally convince you to take the leap.

The dates of the next cycle as well as the opening date of registration will be posted on the Calendar page of this site. So, if spots become available, you can register for a cycle of classes scheduled for September/October... or November/December... or January/February, for example.

The class agenda always includes a few evening classes as well as daytime classes, and two classes on Saturdays. You can contact me to find out whether I have a spot available in the class you are hoping to join. In some cases, I may agree to open a new time slot to fill the demand.

If you enjoy your classes, you'll have priority to continue in your usual time slot for the following cycle.

As a matter of fact, that's the reason why my classes are often full : a large percentage of my students renew their commitment at the end of every cycle. A friendly studio atmosphere, a structured teaching method, and a close attention to personal needs are the ingredients of my success.









January 10, 2018


Porcelain : Rare Mark-down


I will be offering an exceptional 50% off the listed price of most of my porcelain cups and bowls during the Winter sales here in Paris (from January 10 through February 13, 2018).

The photo on the left with the "Sales" banner was taken in 2007: that was the first time I organized marked down prices on my wares. This Winter 2018 is the second time.

So, as you can see, I seldomly mark down prices on my creations! That's normal : mine are not produced industrially on the whim of a trend. I take the time to reflect on a very personalized expression, define a small series around a theme, then make each piece by hand in my Parisian studio.

My first mark-down in 2007 on my pieces in earthenware was actually sparked by my decision to evolve towards porcelain. New ideas on the horizon also, this Winter of 2018!

If you would like to take advantage of this "seldomly on sale" offer, you're welcome to stop by during my opening hours :

Wednesday and Thursday nights : 7 - 9pm

Saturdays : 10am to noon; then 2 - 5pm

You can also contact me for more info or to make an appointment.





December 22, 2017


Merry Christmas !



Have you noticed the virtual Xmas tree in my window?

The form is suggested in the empty space between two stacks of bowls, thrown to very precise measurements.











 March 19, 2016

Flurry of activity

The Saturday morning class decided once and for all that they wanted their own colors for the porcelain they would throw this Spring. So, using the basics they learned in the "Colors" workshop, they started testing recipes for their future glazes.

Measuring out tiny quantities of oxides requires intense concentration-- it was so quiet, you could hear a pin drop! They really got their act together : one person labeling test tiles, another weighing out the basic white glazes, and the third person taking charge of the oxides and other pigments.

Can't wait to see the results!










December 5, 2015

Pray for Paris

The tragedy of November 13th took a heavy toll in the 11th arrondissement. I was so distraught that I needed the comfort of clay, so came in to the studio to throw black clay in mourning. It's impossible to decorate my shop windows with all the usual Christmas kitch. Black clay, blood red poinsettas and the blue-white-red candles of the French flag are a tribute to my neighborhood's pride in its values, its compassion, and its courage to continue the Parisian way of life. (These pieces are not for sale.)




















July 1, 2015



Candy, jam, chocolate, cakes, cookies, ice cream and pastries : my students seemed to have no qualms about wrecking their diets before trying to fit into their bathing suits this summer, and decided to pull out all the stops for this year's window theme of "Sweets".

Certain pots were made to serve sweets, while others were mouth-watering trompe-l'oeil.

All pieces were thrown on the wheel by my students of different levels. Check them out on the student pot page.

The theme of our window also inspired our End-of-the-Year Party. The Saturday morning group decided to prepare a surprise for the other students : a pinata in earthenware, chock full of candy! It just so happened that my Technical Director pulled the right number out of the hat and had the honor of smashing the pot to launch festivities.






May 16, 2015

A Japanese Visitor

This weekend, I had the pleasure of welcoming a Japanese ceramist from the Mount Fuji area, Mr. Mikio Sakamoto.

Once on the wheel, the language barrier no longer existed. Mr. Sakamoto had packed his usual tools in order to test my French clay. Thanks to a complete demonstration, I was able to see the three precise steps used to prepare the clay and traditional throwing off the mound, with the use of specific tools to form the pot from the inside. As soon as he got his hands on the clay, all formality vanished and a slight smile started... The smile grew wider when I gave his "kote" a try (the rounded tool in the photo), without much success.

The exchange continued as I showed him my way of throwing a bowl. It would seem he found my style on the wheel "very feminine". For a long time, I'll be asking myself what his comment meant!

Mr. Sakamoto very thoughtfully gave me a handbook which explains traditional ceramic techniques in Japan, with all the vocabulary in Japanese and English. I was also pleased to receive a Springtime cup, with delicate cherry blossom decoration. It's my favorite cup these days.






January 11, 2015





A pencil (unfired earthenware) symbolizing Freedom of Speech.









November 22, 2014

Carrousel des métiers d'art : Stand # i 13

Once again, I'll be showing my work at this exclusive Biennial, from December 3rd through the 7th. I'll be on my stand every day to greet you and explain my work in a few words.

Opening hours : Wednesday, December 3 from 2 to 6PM, from Thursday the 4th through Saturday the 6th from 10AM to 8PM; and Sunday, December 7th from 10AM to 7PM.

The Exhibition Hall is underground, at the end of the shopping center attached to the Louvre. As you enter the Hall, head for the big room on your left to find me on my stand # i 13.

I'll be presenting new porcelain pieces with their decorative metal plaques and stones. You can get a glimpse of my work via the Slide Show on this site.

Transform your everyday gestures into something extraordinary with these precious objects : use them to eat/drink, showcase flowers, or welcome the light of burning candles...



June 23, 2014

Cabinet of Curiosities

And so another year of weekly classes comes to a close : we get together for the traditional End-of-the-Year Party, with its pot luck buffet and a few Teasers to keep guests on their toes. The stars of the evening are my "Prizewinners", meaning those students who have completed several quarters of classes and who are now pretty much autonomous on the wheel. The hitch is : they must rise to one more challenge in front of the whole crowd in order to get their prize.

This year, potential Prizewinners had to create a ceramic piece on the theme of CABINET OF CURIOSITIES, which is a kind of precursor to the Museum. Early collectors would proudly exhibit exotic or rare objects-- animals, plants, minerals, or the marvelous inventions of men. They would search Nature for weird forms or present things so bizarre that nobody really knew what they were... So in some cases, the collector would claim that he did indeed possess a unicorn's horn, the skeleton of a dragon, or a "live" rock with magical powers.

I applied only one absolute rule to curb my students' imagination : their ceramic piece had to be produced on the wheel. Some students reworked and deformed the thrown form to create a mysterious object. Others produced simpler, symmetrical objects but wrote convoluted "scientific" texts explaining the exotic origins or special powers of the object.

Students presented their creation at the Party, and the results are inventive-- to say the least!-- and very, very funny. Space does not allow me to translate their whimsical texts, but you can check out the photos on my page devoted to student pots.


March 17, 2014

Berlin Welcomes Paris

An excerpt from the Press Release :

"For the first time, the Crafts Organizations of Berlin and Paris have teamed up to coordinate an exhibit of the finest work of their contemporary craftsmen-artists. Twenty-five Parisian artists will show their outstanding creations in the company of thirty of Berlin's best.

At this exceptional event, visitors will discover creations in which Design, technical innovation, and the use of novel and unexpected materials give a renewed, contemporary twist to traditional know-how. Those unique handmade pieces which transform the buyer from mass consumer into collector."

I am absolutely thrilled to participate in this show, where I will be sending a "Playful Vase", which is slightly tilted, so its pendant can swing and capture the light.

The exhibit will be open from April 4th through the 27th. The exact address is: Kunstforum Berliner Volksbank, on 35 Budapester Strasse, right off the Kufurstendamm in the center of town.




December 5, 2013

'Tis the Season!

With a freshly painted shopfront and holiday windows, Terrienne is as dapper as the spirit of the season to welcome you for your Christmas shopping.

When you buy directly from the artist, you get a better price (without commissions added on by the intermediaries). You'll enjoy shopping peacefully-- without the stress of the crowds-- right at the studio where the objects were made.

The slideshows on this site give you a preview of the pots you'll find at the shop : click to discover Brume, subtle and meditative, as well as the more exuberant Parures. These are highly personalized objects, ready to leave my hands for yours.

To encourage you to come to the studio, I'm offering a 20% reduction on all vases until December 21st.

There is also a shelf of "Good Deals", where you can find cups and bowls starting at 5€.

You might even decide that throwing classes would be the perfect gift. Choose amongst several types of offers, from private classes to introductory sessions for groups. And it's not too late to sign up for the next cycle of weekly throwing classes... so that 2014 becomes your year for creativity!

Opening hours during the Christmas season are as follows :

Saturday, December 7th : 10AM - 12:30 ; 2 - 4:30PM.
Evening shopping on Monday, December 9th : 4 - 9PM.
Evening shopping on Wednesday, December 11th : 4 - 9PM.
Friday, December 13th : 2 - 6PM.
Saturday, December 14th : 10AM - 12:30 ; 2 - 6:30PM.
Evening shopping on Wednesday, December 18th : 4 - 9PM.
Friday, December 20th : 2 - 6PM.
Saturday, December 21st : 10AM - 1PM. (No afternoon hours).

The studio will be closed from December 22nd through January 5th.

With all best wishes for the Holiday Season...

 September 15, 2013

Contest Winners

That's the last time I'll ever listen to the tabloids, which were claiming that the royal baby was sure to be a princess!

Parisians strolling past the studio windows this summer where the "baby presents" were on show voted for their favorites, regardless of whether the objects were pink or not. Numerous people proceeded to chose the tea set, or the tooth fairy box, or the girly chamber pot even after the birth of little Pince George had been announced.

Many votes were cast by mail, as well.

The results were very close, only one vote separating the winner from the second place, for which there was a tie!

First prize goes to the princely plate, thrown on the wheel by my student Karen and decorated by her 7-yr-old daughter Rachel (see photo). For this one-time participation with her Mom, Rachel decided to paint portraits of Kate and William on the bottom of the plate to encourage the baby to finish his oatmeal. Tenderly sentimental, this idea of a mother-daughter effort to make the present, which would be used by the royal family to strengthen their family ties as well.

The creations that tied for second prize were : Angelina's majestic mobile and Olivier's esoteric lantern.

Now that the contest is over, the Gallery of Students' Pots will be expanded over upcoming weeks to include other pieces. Keep your eyes wide open for more to come!


July 8, 2013

"Best Baby Present" Contest

In honor of the royal birth expected in mid-July and so impatiently awaited by the whole Planet, my students have outdone themselves in preparing highly imaginative and tongue-in-cheek presents.

"Baby presents" is to be understood in its largest sense: some students made toys for young children (tea set, cup with ear handles), while others decided to spoil the young mother (perfume burner, soft lights for midnight breastfeeding).

Most presents are suitable for both little boys and little girls. However, we made a bet that the new baby would be a princess. And were almost unanimous that her first name would be "Victoria".

Student entries have been on display in the studio's big window since early July, so that Parisians passing by can admire them close up and vote for their favorite present by slipping a note under the door.

You can also vote for your favorite by visiting the page devoted to student pots, then sending your vote by mail. One vote per person, please!

The contest is on until August 15th. The winner will be announced in these pages in the Fall.

June 10, 2013

Rip-off artists

And I mean people who rip off artists! The problem is growing to mammoth proportions even here in France. Not a day goes by without my receiving a mail from somebody who wants me to send my creations out to exotic destinations and accept payment by convoluted means.

Native English-speakers immediately sense something is wrong because the language is both blossomy and stilted... But French artists struggling to translate the message don't catch these subtleties.

Thus my corresponding entry in French, warning them of the crooks' low-down tactics. I refer French ceramists- as I will you- to Kathleen McMahon's excellent list of scammer names.