People often ask me how much time it will take them to "master" throwing on the wheel. Well... the answer would depend on what the word "master" means on their expectation level.

Also: in my classes, each person progresses at his own speed, which is the point of working in small groups.

But experience permits me to outline what your typical progress would be. After about 10 or 12 classes, you'll have acquired the basics and will already be throwing pots from the three families of forms. As you continue, you'll improve not only your technical prowess, but also your perception of forms, so you'll be gaining increasing autonomy for your own projects.

In the early stages, I break down hand positions so that you can learn them more easily. Later on, these positions become effortless and flow smoothly like breathing or dancing.

For more details, I encourage you to check out the curriculum corresponding to your level.