Beginners curriculum

If you're a beginner, the program for your first two cycles (usually 12 classes) will be as follows:

  • Learning basic hand positions (centering and pulling up clay).
  • Making pots from the three families of forms (cylinders, bowls, small plates).
  • Discovering all stages of production : throwing, trimming, decorating with colored slip, glazing.

After just a few classes, you'll be making lovely small pots- cups, bowls- that you can enjoy using at home... unless you decide that a special friend deserves a present?

You'll have access to 12-15 colors (from a regularly revolving palette of over 40 colors) to decorate your pots. The glaze does not contain toxic ingredients, so you may eat and drink from your wares.

I warn you... the velvety texture of clay on the wheel can become addictive! As a registered student, you have the possibility to attend practice sessions ("ateliers libres"). Other types of class offers can also help you extend your enjoyment.


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