If you're already comfortable on the wheel, we'll discuss how we can set up a personalized program adapted to your level and which takes into consideration your needs and desires. I have several ways of working with students who already have some experience on the wheel :

After we've determined your level, you may decide to insert yourself into my usual step-by-step program, because you find that it already addresses most of your aims.

Or we can put together a strategy that will enable you to :

  • correct bad habits on the wheel
  • learn new techniques which you may not know
  • throw bigger, more complex pieces
  • work on precision
  • confirm your personal style with the production of a coherent line.

The more competent your hand, the more we'll be able to focus on a repertory that is not only rigorous, but fun!

As a registered student, you'll have the possibility to attend scheduled practice sessions ("ateliers libres"). Other class offers will open new horizons and help you extend your enjoyment.

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